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Playing with Pillows

Click through the slideshow to preview carol & frank's spring collection of pillows.

Decorative pillows are your home's best accessory. If you're anything like us, the decorating bug tends to sneak up on you every couple of months, compelling you to completely change up your decor for a fresh new look. Can we let you in on a little tip? Pillows are your secret weapon. Use them, mix and match them, decorate your bed, your couch, your car; toss them around and have a pillow fight, take a nap on them, buy more of them...Seriously. You can never have enough pillows. Pillows have the power to transform your look, and still leave room in your budget for a new pair of shoes.

At carol & frank, we believe in having fun with home fashion, and decorative pillows are a great way to make that happen. Our debut collection features tons of brightly colored pillows that create endless styling options in your home. You'll want to recreate your look again and again

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