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Newport News Namesakes

The carol & frank headquarters is located in Newport News, Virginia. This coastal Virginia town is nestled on the edge of the James River, about 15 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay, 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and one hour east of Richmond. In a city surrounded by culture, history, and tourist destinations, it's hard not to find a little inspiration along the way.

So, when it came to naming our January 2017 collection, we couldn't help but take a cue from a few of our favorite local hot spots.

Inspired by Harpersville Road in the heart of Newport News, the Harper Collection personifies the scenic forked road, which leads to historic Hilton Village or to a quiet residential neighborhood lined with wise oak trees and a corner farmer's market.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots in all of Newport News is the Noland Trail, a 5 mile nature trail abundant in wildlife and scenic views. Nestled alongside the James River, the breathtaking sunset you will experience on the trail's Lion's Bridge is unprecedented. Jam packed with natural beauty, there's no guessing why we named our classic Noland Bedding after our favorite hiking trail. In fact, we like it so much, we made it in two colors: Indigo (above) and Dune (below).

Oh Cary! I'm in Love! Named for the trendy, culture-rich Richmond district, Carytown, the block print-inspired Cary bedding collection possesses the same worldliness and beauty as its namesake destination.

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