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Happy Tails: Where Are They Now? - Ryker

At carol & frank, it is our mission to ensure that our local shelter animals find their furever homes. It always brings joy to our hearts when we discover that one of our furry models was adopted into a loving home, but we don't just stop there-

We still love to hear from our furry models (and their new parents!), so we sent out a survey to our adopted friends to check out what they're up to lately. Where are they now?


Pet’s Name: Ryker

Nickname: Rykey

Favorite Activity: Playing with his buddies

Quirky Traits: His ears flopping all around; his bunny run; when his lip gets caught in his little tooth; all his extra skin; the list goes on and on…

Favorite Treats: Anything from West Village Barkery, peanut butter, and puppicinos!

Go-to Toy: He lovessss to destroy any and all of his stuffies.

Funny Story: When Ryker was a puppy we would find him under our bed a lot. He would army crawl his way under there and sleep in his “cozy cave”. We loved calling his name and seeing his little head pop out.

Adoption Story: We found Ryker by accident. Tim went over to his parent’s house to help them with some things and Ryker was being fostered for the week by their neighbor. Tim took one look at Ryker run hopping his way over to him ears a floppin’ and the rest is history!

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