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Three Tricks for Maintaining Your Tassels, Fringe and Frayed Edges

Ah, the tassel. If you're looking for an accessory that transcends time, culture, and industry then it's probably the tassel. Stylish, functional, whimsical, traditional, playful, opulent, quaint, contemporary: the tassel does it all and does it with style.

Two-toned tassels add flair to the Cyrus Pillow.

Close cousins to the tassel are the fringe and frayed edges that add personality and pizzazz to your textiles. Fringe is incredible versatile and can transform a basic piece into a bold statement of style. It can turn your ordinary bedroom into a rock concert, a basic sofa into an embodiment of elegance, or a dull living room into an exotic getaway.

The Langford Throw by carol & frank features beautiful fringed edges.

Many handcrafted, hand-loomed, and hand-knotted pieces have fringe by their very nature. The loomed fabric of the textile reaches from one end of the blanket or rug all the way across to the other, so that your fringe is actually two ends of the same material. Talk about tying it all together!

We love tassels, fringe, and frayed edges; but they can also be fickle and are particularly susceptible to showing wear. Don't worry; there's no need to fight your fringe or tussle with your tassels. Here are a few tricks for maintaining and repairing your favorite textiles:

Method 1: Trim

This trick is great for minor repairs. Perhaps the cat got to one of those irresistible tassels and unwound only a small piece of thread before you came to the rescue. If so, don't be afraid to delicately trim the very end of your tassel or fringe to prevent further unraveling. And maybe invest in a few extra cat toys.

The Pepi pillow combines modern

geometric flair with classic tassels.

Method 2: Water and Liquid Fabric Starch/Stiffener

If you have a favorite piece that gets a lot of heavy use over the years, then your fringe might start to look more and more like your hair after you roll out of bed in the morning. To keep everything looking put-together and just like new, follow these steps:

1. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out your tassel, fringe, or frayed edges on a flat surface.

2. Trim off any egregious ends that are showing extremely heavy wear, or any attention-hungry threads that are stretched and sticking out past their nearby friends. Remember to be delicate and only trim from the ends of your fringe.

3. Fill a bowl appropriate in size to dip your fringe or frayed edges with water. (Don't worry if your piece is quite large, you can work in sections.)

4. Stir in 4-5 drops of liquid fabric starch or liquid fabric stiffener. (Add 1-2 extra drops for very large buckets or bowls and use only 2-3 drops for small soup-sized bowls. A little goes a long way!)

5. Dip one section at a time into the water and starch solution so it is fully immersed.

6. Comb out the fringe to remove any excess solution. Pat dry with a towel if it is still wet.

7. Place the damp fringe on a clean, flat surface like a table or counter top to dry. Try to ensure the fringe is as flat as possible while drying.

The classic fringed style of the Indigo Langford Throw.

Method 3: Invest in fray-preventing gel

If you invest in a professional fray-preventing gel, you can act at the first sign of fraying and preserve your fringe and frayed edges for years to come. Plus, you can really impress your friends when you come to the rescue with a super-powered gel to help protect their favorite blanket!

1. Hand clean your fringe with gentle soap and water, or according the the specific care instructions listed on your piece.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out your fringe or frayed edges on a flat surface.

3. Apply a small amount of fray-preventing gel to a cotton swab or small brush and run it down the fringe to completely coat the raw edges. Repeat as necessary for larger textiles which will need to be treated in sections.

4. Let dry for at least 1 hour on a clean, flat surface.

5. Re-comb with a wide-tooth comb to prevent individual strands from sticking together. If fringe is not completely dry, let it dry again on a flat surface.

The Morgan Throw's fringe preserves style while adding new texture to the blanket's featured colors.

Really the best way to care for your tassels, fringe, and frayed edges is to prevent disaster by keeping them clean and organized. Prevent any tangles with a wide-tooth comb and spot clean any popcorn butter, cat hair, or muddy paw prints as soon as possible.

So go ahead, release your inner fringe-lover. Tackle that tassel. We've got your back.

Unique tassels create a bold fringed edge on the Grafton Throw.

carol & frank is a wholesale company selling directly to the trade. You can find our products in many boutique bedding and home shops near you, from some of your favorite larger retailers, and online.

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