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2020 with carol & frank

It's a new year! That means new inspirations, new artisan techniques, and new styles. Toss the confetti and enjoy a sneak peak of what's coming in 2020 with carol & frank!

First of all: new January releases! We've been road tripping across the country to find inspiration and local flair to add to our pieces each season. Our new collections are inspired by Denver's perfect mix of modern city life and outdoor adventure. Here's just one of our new looks: Chandler, Keller, and Graham.

Chandler Mallard pillows and throws are bringing land-loomed soft cotton to your space, a Keller duvet cover sports a vintage-chic rattan inspired texture, and Graham's on-trend stonewashed finish easily combines comfort and style.

Along with our new releases, we're also debuting our EttaVee capsule collection! Working with artist Jessi Raulet, we developed a line of bright and colorful bedding, pillows, table linens, and accessories. 2020 is the year of waking up optimistic!

Plus the EttaVee collection will introduce one of our many new upcoming categories: kitchen towels!

There will be more surprises down the road, including new collections, new categories, and (as always) new styles! Our latest looks will be available in our online store soon, and if you sign up for our emails you can be the first to know when something new arrives. We also love featuring some of our favorite products like mugs from tag and serving ware from Foreside, so keep your eyes peeled for more carol & frank favs coming to our store in 2020.

So cheers to another great year! We can't wait to see how you skate through 2020 with your own personal style.


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