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A Pandemic-Friendly Valentine's Day

You and your quarantine buddy, your pandemic pal, your COVID-19 cupid, have been through a lot in the past year. Here are a few ways to safely celebrate the special someone that stuck it out with you while you made your own masks, forgot your sourdough bread starter in the back of the fridge, and repurposed the ottoman for your at-home workouts.

1. Take Out (Way Out!)

Put on your heart patterned mask, grab a meal from your favorite restaurant, and hit the sights! Drive to the nearest scenic overlook or picturesque park and enjoy dinner and a view in the car.

You can also search for drive in movies near you and celebrate with a classic "dinner and a movie" date.

2. Be Your Own Cupid

Gather together your pandemic "bubble" of close friends for Galentine's Day brunch! Try make something entirely new (and definitely pull out the vacuum) so you can bring that special "fancy restaurant" vibe to your living room. You'll still have to do your own dishes, but you'll definitely save on the mimosas!

If you're looking to recreate our romantic shabby-chic set up, shop our online store and ask your local stores if they have any extra pallets; many small businesses can't get rid of them fast enough! (Bonus points if your table is next to a cozy crackling fire.)

3. Go on a virtual date!

This Valentine's Day brings a whole new meaning to "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Usually a Valentine's Day first date is nerve-wracking and fraught with conflicting subtext. This year you can take the pressure off, meet your dating app match on a laptop screen, bring your dog along for emotional support, and even leave early if you have "connectivity issues."

Pro tip: try hopping on a co-op game or signing up for a virtual cooking class together!


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