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carol & frank is on Animal Crossing!

A real island vacation was out of the question, so carol & frank is playing Animal Crossing! Our character, c.f. style is living island life and creating custom designs to share with all you Animal Crossing: New Horizons players and home décor lovers along the way!

You can now download carol & frank patterns in on Nintendo Switch by searching creator ID MA-6341-6304-8612 in the Able Sisters' shop. We're posting new designs each week starting today, each based on the real collection of carol & frank bedding and accessories. We hope these designs will be a fun way for fans of the brand and the game to connect and be creative, and like all custom designs from players on Animal Crossing, they are free to download for all Nintendo Switch Online users. carol & frank is having fun playing and creating our designs and hopes other players have just as much fun accessing the styles in their gameplay as well.

This is c.f. style, and she's taking some of your favorite carol & frank patterns and digitizing them so you can customize your virtual home and social distance with style.

We hope this will add a new element of fun to what can be a very boring day stuck at home, and we hope you can use these patterns to match with your #twinning friends and family to stay connected with them and with us. Recreate your bedroom at home or dream big and design the style you've always wanted!

Today you can find Naya, Breck, Lucas, Noland Stripe, and Liam Sky by searching creator ID MA-6341-6304-8612 in the design kiosk.

Check our social media @carolandfrankstyle and keep an eye out for new blog posts where we'll announce the new pattern of the week. Get creative and make your own personal stress-free and stylish escape, we want you to have fun with virtual home fashion! Let's stay home in style!


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